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Roll-Ons from up to

                                                 recycled HDPE

                                                                 Approval: Declaration of Conformity
                                                                 for the Cosmetics Sector - EU standard,
         white coloring                                          FDA NOL (US)

                                                                 The  colors  can  be  tweaked  to  achieve  an
                                                                 optimal match to the original in virgin material.
                                                                 In the case of black color-matching, special
                                                                 carbon-free colorants can be used. This me-
                                                                 ans that – in contrast to conventionally pro-

                            white coloring                       duced black roll-ons - these roll-ons remain
                                                                 recyclable (in recycling processes detectable).


                                                                                                     extrusion blow
                                                                                                        (for roll-ons
                                                                                                        with fitment)

      containers for           are                        shredded into flakes, washed
        milk, water          collected                    and processed into granulate
        and juice
                                                                                                 injection blow moulding

                      rHDPE                                   for roll-ons
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