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Bottles from up to
                                                 recycled HDPE

                                              >> 2-Layers: inside rHDPE,
                                               outside rHDPE from the
                                                      "yellow bag“

                                                                 Approval: Declaration of Conformity

                                                                 for the Cosmetics Sector - EU standard*
                                                                 *only rinse-off products

                                                                 The colors can be tweaked to achieve an op-
                                                                 timal match to the original in virgin material.
                                                                 In the case of black color-matching, special
                                                                 carbon-free colorants can be used.

                                                                                Using 2-layer technology, it is now
                                                                                possible for the first time to use a
                                                                                proportion of rHDPE from the “yel-
             white                               1
             coloring                                                           low bag” in personal care products.
                                                                                The inner layer of rHDPE, which sits
                                                 2                              between the actual product and
                                                                                the layer of rHDPE from the “yellow
                                                                                bag”, is approved with a Declara-
                               natural                                          tion of Conformity for Food.

                        containers for milk,   are           shredded into flakes, washed
         1                water and juice  collected         and processed into granulate


                                                                                                   both granules
                                                                                                 go through a co-
                                                                                                 extrusion process
          household      collected under EU    sorted          shredded into flakes, washed      (2-layer process)
            plastic       collection schemes                   and processed into granulate
       packaging waste

                      rHDPE                                   >> 2-Layers
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