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Bottles from up to

                                                 recycled PET

                                                                 Approval: Declaration of Conformity
                                                                 for Food

                                                                 Various material types available. The trans-

                                                                 parency varies from yellowish to blue-grey.

                                                                 The rPET bottles - produced in a single sta-
                                                                 ge – can also be supplied color-matched. The
                                                                 colors can be tweaked to achieve an optimal
                                                                 match to virgin material.

          returnable       collected under                  shredded into flakes, washed                  injection
           bottles           EU collection                  and processed into granulate                stretch blow
                               schemes                                                                    moulding

 rHDPE  WPR            rPET                           for all bottles
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