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P. 4

Closures from up to

                                                   recycled PP
                                                  from the "yellow

       white / red
                                                                 Approval: Declaration of Conformity
                                                                 for the Cosmetics Sector - EU standard

                                           white / green
                                               coloring          The  colors  can  be  tweaked  to  achieve  an
                                                                 optimal match to the original in virgin material.
                                                                 In the case of black color-matching, special
                                                                 carbon-free colorants can be used. This me-
                                                                 ans that – in contrast to conventionally pro-
       white / turquoise                                         duced black closures - these closures remain
                                                                 recyclable (in recycling processes detectable).


                      yellow coloring                   green coloring                    pink coloring

         household        collected under EU       sorted             shredded into flakes, washed          injection
           plastic         collection schemes                         and processed into granulate          moulding
      packaging waste

                             rPP                    for closures
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