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The patented DELTA Adapters are one of SHB’s new developments. These adapters are compatible with all SHB DELTA
         bottles. It is easily fitted and converts the snap-on bottle neck to a standard screw thread. This means that for example
         a soap can be added to an existing bottle range without any additional costs.

                                       Inspired by nature, SHB has designed a completely new
                                       dosing system! This new system allows you to dose drop
                                       by drop therefore alleviating the need for an expensive

                                       Open the cap and turn the bottle over and you can
                                       dispense drop by drop, no pressure on the bottle
                                       required. Squeezing the bottle allows you to squirt the
                                       product as well if required.

                                       This system is ideal for applications such as adding con-
                                       centrates to flavour your drinks, dispensing hair
                                       colourant or a cleaning concentrate. In fact anything
                                       that requires a measured dosage!
                                       Due to the different viscosity of your product, we can
                                       offer 3 standard orifices with 0,6 and 0,8 mm diameter.
                                       Please test under your own conditions to ensure, that
                                       the Dropper is suitable to your requirements.

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